Placement Support offers psychodynamic thinking to all types of organisations and networks. Our interventions are grounded in psychoanalytic tradition and training.

Our field of work

Our work is not limited to any one area but it is concentrated on those organisations and networks of carers around children including birth and adoptive families. We are especially concerned with children who are disturbed, traumatised, at risk, within the care system, under supervision, are moving towards adoption or who have been placed within adoptive families.

Our two-fold aim

Our aim is that those networks and families and the individuals within them should be able to provide more efficiently and effectively for the emotional and mental health needs of those children. We aim to help with the emotional difficulties which occur in the relationships between adults and children in any residential setting, including the family
We also aim to promote the practice and understanding of specialist consultancy amongst families, carers and professionals, especially those working with adopted or looked-after children and to promote a wider understanding of the emotional needs of such children, of their carers and of the professionals who work with them.

Carrying out our purpose

When individuals or cases are referred to us, we will assess what we can offer using the experience and expertise of the trained psychotherapists working with us. This will generally involve an initial session in person, by telephone or through on-line conferencing (uncharged). If we judge that our services are not appropriate we will seek to refer those clients to other services which are more suitable. We aim to deal with all referrals without prejudice or discrimination of any kind judging them only by our assessment of our own capability to provide appropriate assistance.

We aim to always listen to the service users and take account of their feelings and opinions
We aim to keep central to our concerns the welfare and safety of the children concerned.

Most of our work is done in-situ. We also use consulting or therapy rooms where appropriate. We provide direct adoption support to carers and families, we provide advice and support to professional networks, we assess placements and carers for foster and adoptive placements. We do not currently carry out birth records counselling.

The charge for our services varies depending on the intensity and duration of the work and the qualification of the consultant. It is generally between £80.00 and £ 170.00 per hour.

The Registered Provider is Placement Support Ltd. Our Clinical Director and Registered Manager is Mark Waddington. His address is at Placement Support, Placement Support 12 Princess Road West, Leicester, LE1 6TP tel 07751 702814. Our Responsible Individual is Phil Faulkner he can be reached via our administrator Tina Bool on 07986 769378.

We work with a number of professional and clinically qualified consultants. Our consultants are trained child and adult psychotherapists and organisational therapists (mostly ACP, BPC/APPCIOS members) who are full members of the relevant professional body. Any consultant working with us will have extensive experience of working with children in various settings. The number of consultants varies but is usually between three and ten. The consultants are supervised by the Clinical Director.

As members of APPCIOS we can provide bespoke, tailor-made courses in psychodynamic thinking and in therapeutic skills. These courses are accredited by APPCIOS, and form part of the APPCIOS training escalator. This means that participation in these courses is recognised as an element of a training portfolio, leading eventually to clinical membership of the BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council).

Placement Support itself has been operating since July 2001 and has worked with a number of Local Authority social services departments, fostering agencies and residential homes. Each consultant’s work is supported and assessed by regular supervision by a senior member of staff and through regular client feedback. The Clinical Director will assess every ongoing piece of work at least twice a year.

Any complaint should be made in the first instance to the Registered Manager Mark Waddington. If the matter is not resolved, further complaint may be made to the individual consultant’s professional body, Placement Support’s responsible individual Phil Faulkner via our administrator Tina Bool on 07986 769378or may be addressed to OFSTED whose address is: Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD, 0300 123 1231.

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