Photo by Jon Foreman (
Photo by Jon Foreman

The experience of being with children who have suffered trauma and abuse can be enormously difficult. We offer specialist courses accredited through APPCIOS to support individuals and organisations in this complex work. We also design bespoke packages to enhance the development of therapeutic environments.

Our interventions, whether one-off training days, regular group sessions or more intensive work, are all forms of experiential training focused to support those who work with or care for children. Our work assists carers and other professionals to communicate with troubled and disturbed children and to understand the meanings of their behaviour and the underlying causes. We also apply this perspective to support team function, the management task and strategic planning. We have provided training for schools, children’s homes, birth, adoptive and foster parents and Special Guardians. We also work with their management and support systems.

Some of our training:

Trudy Darien’sTherapeutic Child Care Training (Click here to download the document)



* Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash