Early years Parenting Assessments and Treatment

We provide expert assessment and consultation for professionals and families on the edge of care, on CiN or CP plans, or to support Court Proceedings.

Placement Support offers a programme of assessment and therapeutic intervention to better understand vulnerability and integrate concerns identified across professional networks and within families. This process weaves a complex picture to balance current risk and the sense-making that comes with an understanding of traumatic experience.

Our assessment & intervention includes:

  • Observation of parent-infant interaction at home, in care or in a neutral setting.
  • Parent-infant Psychotherapy.
  • Consultation with professional network.

We gather the experience, thoughts and concerns of all involved professionals and combine this data with our observations and brief therapeutic intervention to gain a greater understanding of a parent’s capacities and difficulties in relating to a vulnerable child, of the child’s response to the parent, and of risks that the parent may pose to the child’s future.

We assess the parent’s capacity to change – whether they can build an understanding of their child’s developmental and emotional needs and take some responsibility for the risk of harm that may be causing concern within the professional network.

Our assessment includes concurrent feedback and consultation for social workers, foster carers, and other key professionals.

These strands are combined to form a detailed assessment report with recommendations to support the continued involvement of the professional network, and potentially, further therapeutic intervention.

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