The words below explain who we are and what we do, if it is helpful, they can be printed and made available for the children we work with.

Download "Placement Support Children’s Guide" for printing

Our staff help children and grown-ups think about their feelings. We work to help you and your family think about any difficulties and problems you may have.

We may spend time with you and your parents or sometimes with your parents alone and we may attend meetings about you and your needs.

Thinking about your problems can be painful. You may not like it. But sometimes thinking and talking about problems can be the only way to make things better.

You can ask to speak with us alone if you would like. If you would like another grown-up to speak for you we will help to arrange it.

Your rights are protected by the government through the Children’s Commissioner and Ofsted you can find out more about your rights through their websites.

If you don’t like anything that happens in your sessions, or if you are worried about anything, we hope you will feel able to speak to us about it. If that feels difficult, you should speak to your parents, social worker, carers, or teachers.

The government is in charge of us. These people are all in place to help if you want to complain about anything:

You can contact the Children’s Commissioner at:

By email at [email protected]
Or call 020 7783 8330

You can contact an Ofsted inspector at:
or call 0300 123 1231
or write to Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD

You have a right to an Independent Advocate if you choose.

This can be sorted through your social worker or you might contact

If you have an IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer) you could contact them – it is their job to make sure you are being properly looked after.